Life can be funny.

Whether we are ready or not, change comes at us fast. What we do when we encounter those challenges can make the difference between confidently moving forward or becoming stuck in a way of life that may no longer work or be available to us.

During most times of change, we can usually rely on our faith or life philosophy, family and/or a support system of good friends. There are times, however, when you find yourself at a crossroads when paths may be divergent or your ability to choose a direction may appear to be out of our control. Pathfinder can help.

Gary Anderson, a certified professional coach, has years of experience helping individuals overcome unexpected life changes such as:

. Unexpected illness/injury
. Divorce
. Death.
. Sudden change of employment
. Relationship issues
. Adolescent frustrations at home or school

As a professional coach, Gary offers a personalized approach to each client. Whether you prefer individual or group sessions, there is an option to meet your personal needs. Please take a look throughout our site for additional information then let me work with you to find your new path with clarity and confidence.

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